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The main mission of the CEJ (Centre for Judicial Studies) is to train judges and public prosecutors. Thus, the CEJ is responsible for the initial and ongoing training of judges and public prosecutors for courts of law and for administrative and tax courts.

As regards the training of candidate or fully qualified judges and public prosecutors from abroad, it is the CEJ’s responsibility to carry out training activities, within the framework of networks or other international training organisations of which it is a member, and in agreement with cooperation protocols established with similar foreign entities, especially those in Portuguese-speaking countries. Furthermore, the CEJ is responsible for implementing international assistance and cooperation projects regarding the training of judges and public prosecutors, and technical cooperation agreements on judicial matters entered into by the Portuguese State.

The CEJ’s mission is also to carry out research activities and studies on judicial matters and to provide legal and judicial training for lawyers, legal agents (solicitadores) and other professionals in the justice system, as well as to cooperate in actions organized by other institutions.

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